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 Attn: KG Wood

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Chad Matthews

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PostSubject: Attn: KG Wood   Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:01 pm


It's not a guarded secret that we've gotten off on the wrong foot here in Main Event Championship Wrestling. Since that fateful November night in Monroe City when I stripped AC West of his authority in MECW and released him from his executive position and duties, you've griped and moaned and have been defiant of authority. I realize AC West is your friend - he's the guy that brought you into MECW - so I can understand why you feel loyalty to the man. That's why I took our little discussion that night as I was leaving the Blue Jean Center with a grain of salt. No big deal, I thought. KG's just a little upset - feelings hurt maybe - and feels as if he won't have as much freedom for "KG to be KG" in MECW. However, Mr. Wood, showing loyalty to your friend and showing disrespect to your new boss are two different scenarios altogether.

MECW is a "professional" wrestling organization and that means that we display professionalism in all aspects of this business. That means EVERYONE in MECW. MECW will not be a harbor for outlaws like AC West or the The Smothers Family to run roughshod over management. I simply will not tolerate unprofessionalism from our wrestlers or staff. Mr. Wood, I realize the MECW fans enjoy your commentary. Yes, I'll admit your brash style brings a unique and entertaining element to MECW television. Yet, there's a distinct line between being brash and being unprofessional. Are we clear? KG, we don't have to be buddies. We probably will never go for drinks after a show. That's cool. However, KG, at the end of the night I expect you to represent Main Event Championship Wrestling in a professional manner and make our product better each time out with your commentary. Acting defiant over decisions made almost two months ago doesn't help the product go forward. So, KG, the next act of professionalism that I expect from you, from this point forward, is to wear a tie and sport coat to all future MECW events. If you have any questions about where to purchase such clothing just ask your brother and professional broadcast partner Mr. Nic Wood. As of January 1, 2011, the bylaws of MECW and employee handbook rules have changed and are being enforced. Mr. Wood, I look forward to seeing you "dressed for success" on Saturday January 15th to welcome in The King.


Chad Matthews

Chad Matthews
Executive Vice President
Main Event Championship Wrestling
e. chad@mecwpro.com
w. www.mecwpro.com
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KG Wood

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PostSubject: Re: Attn: KG Wood   Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:13 pm

Well Mr. Matthews,
I see you have been paying attention to whats been going on during our TV shows. Keep in mind that I am represented by a major record label that has plenty of high powered lawyers that have my best interest in mind. My contract is pretty iron clad. You know because I'm sure you've been through it with a fine toothed comb to find some loophole that you can use to get me in line.

Yes I have loyalty to the man who brought me into MECW. AC and I go way back. He is my friend and I was upset with you removing him from his position. This was just the first problem. The other problem is this. I am who I am. I dress the way I want to dress. I am not a corporate type of person. This is why I was hired in the first place, to be who I am. Your dress code changes for the awards show did not make me too happy. Specially on a show that I am responsible for creating. Granted Nic is the "Face of MECW" but Freestyle was my brainchild. Thats what "Freestyle" is all about. Letting the wrestlers feel comfortable in a laid back environment where they can be themselves. How can the wrestlers feel comfortable if the hosts do not?

Saturday I will be at the taping. I will be showing up there as myself. Call me a rebel. Call me disrespectful. Call me whatever you want. If you don't like it you can call my lawyers. I don't plan to be tied down to a dress code that makes me feel like some corporate kiss ass.

This is real simple Chad. Our problems can be easily resolved by rehiring my friend AC West and letting me just be me. See you on the 15th....

KG Wood Twisted Evil
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Attn: KG Wood
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